Making the Case: Winning Messaging for Energy Efficiency

Americans support the idea of energy efficiency, but this enthusiasm doesn’t always translate into policy solutions. How can communicators illustrate that energy efficiency is an urgent need? How can organizations move individuals from interest to action?


Resource Media’s messaging guide offers recommendations for crafting messages that leverage Americans’ positive opinions of energy efficiency and build increased support for effective policies and programs.


Public opinion trends:

  • Americans largely understand the concept of energy efficiency and feel positive toward it.
  • There is bi-partisan support for energy efficiency and it is less politically polarized than other energy issues.



  • Americans view energy efficiency in terms of personal responsibility and thrift, which leads to individual behavior changes rather than support for regulations.
  • Climate change is not a motivating factor for supporting energy efficiency.


Message recommendations:

  1. Start personal – feature stories of real people and use authentic images
  2. Get concrete – provide specific examples and tangible benefits rather than abstract projections
  3. Understand your audience – identify the right values-based messages for your audience segment
  4. Lead with the right messenger – involve people who have directly benefitted from energy efficiency


Date: 2015
Organization: Resource Media
Strategic Approach: Engagement, Framing, Other
Organization: Resource Media
Strategic Approach: Engagement, Framing, Other

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