Gen Why Media: Lost Generation Remixed

A short film that challenges the notion that today’s youth are apathetic and disengaged. 

Generation Y or the “Millennial Generation” has often been characterized as entitled or indifferent. The Gen Why Media Project is countering those claims in their short film, “Lost Generation Remixed.” They are sending the message that their generation does in fact possess a sense of responsibility to shift the status quo.  In the film, young people speak out about the existence of hope and assert that it is “foolish to presume that youth are apathetic and lethargic.”  They affirm that they care about the earth and that they are ready to create a future of their own making where environmental destruction is not the norm.

Tara Mahoney and Fiona Rayher of the Gen Why Media Project are using participatory media, public art, and workshops to build community and develop new forms of civic participation. As young people themselves, they are exploring the shared values of their generation and demonstrating how they and their peers can use the tools of their era to be agents of change.

Learn more about the Gen Why Media Project here.

Watch the film here.

Image is a screenshot from the film.


Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign

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