Your Environmental Road Trip (YERT): Film

A road trip across the United States to find climate solutions.

A new film about climate change and sustainability is making its way through film festivals across the U.S. YERT (“Your Environmental Road Trip”) follows three friends as they spend a year traveling (in a hybrid vehicle) throughout all 50 states to find creative individuals who are tackling climate and environmental challenges. The film features leading thinkers and doers, including Bill McKibben, Janine Benyus, Will Allen and Climate Access member David Orr.

The YERT team uses “a mix of outrageous antics, provocative examples, and thoughtful reporting” to explore the American approach to sustainability. Through interviews with a wide variety of individuals, the filmmakers investigate solutions that range from large-scale projects like wind farms and carbon sequestration to individual behavior changes like vegetarianism, reducing water consumption, and even dumpster diving.

Learn more about the film and find (or request) a screening here.

Image is a screenshot from the film.

Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign

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