100% Renewable Energy Campaign-Starter Guide

The 100% Renewable Energy Campaign-Starter Guide from Climate Action Network (CAN) offers fact sheets, case studies and campaign planning templates to help achieve renewable energy targets. 

Why Take a Look:

This campaign starter-guide is for businesses, individuals, and public institutions aiming to achieve 100% renewable energy targets by highlighting the benefits of taking action. Creating a well-tailored campaign can make the vision of transitioning to renewable energy a reality.

Key Takeaways:

Building a Campaign For your Goals:

Identifying Problems – think through the blockers and problems that prevent your target from pledging to go 100% renewable energy, and identify potential solutions.

Build a Strategy – build a coherent campaign strategy and define best practices on how to engage your specific target audience.

Get to Know a Business – develop key messaging to help businesses recognize the viability and benefits of reducing carbon emissions by transitioning to renewable energy. 

Setting Your Campaign Plan – draft your campaign plan with the help of Climate Action Network’s resources. Set achievable goals, objectives, and plan effective tactics.

Mentoring on Campaigning –  Climate Action Network can help provide continuous support on how to develop the campaign and track results.

Sharing Experience – Share your experience with Climate Action Network’s member organizations.

Date: 2018
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Framing
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Framing

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