Water is Rising: Music and Dance about Climate Change

Residents of vulnerable Pacific island nations share the reality of climate impacts through traditional artistic expression.

The low-lying Pacific atolls and coral islands of Kiribati, Tokelau, and Tuvalu are facing the possibility of significant inundation from sea level rise. A group of performers from these islands are drawing upon their cultural traditions of dance, music, and storytelling to share this threat and their particular risk of becoming the first cultures on earth to be submerged by rising seas. 

With a tour of traditional dance and music performances in fourteen cities across the U.S., the group is spreading the message that climate change is real and having an unquestionable impact on the daily lives of individuals who live on these small island nations in the Pacific Ocean. Their goal is to inspire Americans to help with their efforts to adapt to climate change.

For more information visit www.waterisrising.com.

Image from www.waterisrising.com

Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign

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