RTCC: “One World” Climate Change Musical

“Perhaps music, song and dance may succeed where other methods failed.”

Students from the Addington Primary School in Durban performed the musical “One World” at COP17 to communicate the dangers of climate change and the need for action. “One World” is a play produced by Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) and directed by Thomas Kett of London’s children theatre, Upstage Musical Productions. 

Through the musical’s story, song, and dance, the students describe the physical and emotional impacts of climate change and the importance of “looking after our planet Earth.” RTCC’s goal with the musical is to engage the international community through the voices of “tomorrow’s leaders” and communicate the importance of responding to climate change.

RTCC has made the music, directors notes, lyrics and scripts available for free download and use by educators.

Watch the full musical at the Durban climate change conference (the children’s performance begins at 6:20).

One World Play from Responding to Climate Change on Vimeo.

Image is a screenshot from the video.

Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign

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