Rio+20 The Future We Want: The Power of Positive Vision

The Future We Want aims to counter “apocalypse fatigue” and focus on positive visions of the future that include sustainable solutions for 2030.

“The Future We Want” is a global campaign to promote Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro this June. The goal of the campaign is to engage people in a global conversation about an economic and sustainable future that includes “prosperity, equity and improves people’s quality of life within the Earth’s life support systems.” The Future We Want encourages “change agents” to communicate their visions of sustainability that can be implemented by 2030 and will present these ideas at the conference through a visual exhibit.

The interactive exhibit at Rio+20 will showcase the stories shared by the campaign’s contributors through advanced communications tools generally used by the entertainment industry and commercial marketing campaigns. To create the exhibit, the Future We Want team is comprised of design and visual imagery companies, Obscura Digital and Arnold Imaging, as well as the Baum Foundation. The campaign acknowledges that sustainable technologies and solutions to our climate and energy challenges already exist and what is necessary is to increase “our understanding of how these solutions can be applied and shared” and the “political will to turn that knowledge into action.”

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Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign

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