Protect Our Winters: POW Seven Campaign

“There is so much information out there, it’s tough to know what to do, much less know that you’re actually making a difference.” – Chris Steinkamp, POW Executive Director

Making climate change feel tangible is a challenge. For winter sports fans and athletes, the evidence is at their feet. Protect Our Winters (POW) has launched the “POW Seven” campaign that provides seven personal action steps for learning more about the issue, getting involved and reducing one’s impact:

1. Get political
2. Educate yourself
3. Find your biggest lever
4. Be vocal, bug your friends
5. Talk to businesses
6. Change your life and save money
7. Join POW

View the pledge with full descriptions of each action item.

POW was founded by pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones to engage the winter sports community in protecting mountain regions from the effects of climate change. The organization encourages members of the global snow sports community to be leaders, educators (through their Hot Planet/Cool Athletes school assembly program) and activists.

POW saw a lack of “credible, results-based action items” on climate change and sought to create a way to encourage individuals to make concrete changes. As part of their new campaign, POW has partnered with The North Face to create a “Climate Confessions” video series. The campaign asked X-Games attendees to share a behavior (such as unnecessary driving) that they could change in order to reduce their carbon footprint. POW is promoting their seven-point pledge and the “Climate Confessions” project through social media, including eliciting more “Climate Confessions” on Twitter (#ClimateConfessions).

Learn more about the campaign.

Climate Confessions #1 from chris steinkamp on Vimeo

Photo via (cc) Flickr user boolve

Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign

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