Population Action International film: Weathering Change


Women around the world share stories of how climate change is impacting them and their families.

Population Action International (PAI) has released a moving film, Weathering Change, that documents how climate change is threatening the health and livelihoods of women and families in Nepal, Peru and Ethiopia and how they are attempting to adapt and survive through these changes. The women in the film talk about their efforts to care for their children in the face of water and food scarcity.

The film also asserts that in many parts of the world, climate change exacerbates the inequalities that already exist for women. Concurrently, women are also important agents in addressing climate challenges. PAI proposes a number of potential solutions to help women and families adapt to climate change, including increased funding for international climate change adaptation that prioritizes the needs of vulnerable populations, equal access to education and land ownership, access to family planning, sustainable agriculture, and environmental conservation.

View the video here.

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Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign

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