Oxfam: Inside climate change politics at COP17


“Time is running out. Climate change isn’t going to wait for our negotiations to finish.”

In a short video from the climate talks in Durban, Oxfam International emphasizes that climate change is an issue of human survival. David Waskow, Oxfam’s climate change program director, contends that while we turned an important page in Durban, “we’re now staring at the next blank page.”

The video features scenes of extreme weather events around the world and describes how they will only become more frequent and intense. Oxfam stresses that the millions of people who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods are the most vulnerable to climate change and will not be able to sustain themselves without emissions reductions and an equitable finance solution. Oxfam calls for decision makers to take decisive action to significantly cut emissions on a more rapid timeframe and develop new sources of finance to help the world’s poorest countries combat climate impacts.

Read the blog post and watch the video here.

Image is a screenshot from the video.

Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign

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