NRDC: Interactive Extreme Weather Map

NRDC has released a new interactive extreme weather map for 2012 that includes strategies to enhance climate-health preparedness.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) published an interactive map showing the 3,527 monthly weather records broken in the United States in 2012. (In 2011 2,941 weather records were broken across the US). Extreme weather events occurred in all 50 states and included record-breaking heat waves, drought, wildfire, snowfall, rainfall and flooding. The scale of these weather events was also unprecedented, with record-breaking costs in property damage.

Research shows that Americans are making the connection between increasingly frequent extreme weather and climate change. NRDC’s map provides a visual tool to convey how these events are dispersed and what types of weather trends individuals may continue to be at risk from in their own area.

2012 Extreme Weather Map


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Strategic Approach: Audiences
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