New Facts, Old Myths: Environmental Polling Trends

A report from ecoAmerica outlines how public opinion trends around climate change in the U.S. have moved from being a niche issue to the mainstream.



The report highlights how support for action is on the rise across demographics and political affiliations as climate change becomes more visible.


  • A majority of Americans believe climate change is real and 54% believe the impacts are being felt currently.

  • The sense of urgency around climate change, while not back up to 2008 levels is increasing, with broad support across demographics.

  • While climate change is still a low priority overall for most respondents, the myth of environment vs the economy is losing traction.

  • Scientific evidence and melting glaciers are not compelling for action to most; however personal experiences with extreme weather and the moral obligation to future generations are most compelling.

  • While the partisan political divide is still strong, 69% of Republicans believe climate change is occurring, compared to 92% of Democrats and 85% of Independents.

  • There are high levels of support for action on climate change at all levels of government and through businesses.

  • 74% of Americans believe we should prepare for the damage of extreme weather events before they occur.

  • Americans want to act on climate change but feel they have little agency – they need to know their actions count and be inspired to be part of the solution.

  • Mainstream America is ready to be engaged on climate change preparedness – rural voters and people of color are most likely to take action and want to be engaged.

Date: 2013
Authors: ecoAmerica
Organization: Momentus
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Other
Author: ecoAmerica
Organization: Momentus
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Other

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