American Climate Perspectives: 2017 Annual Summary

Resource Author: ecoAmerica

An annual summary of Americans’ climate beliefs and concerns, support for clean energy policies and climate solutions.  Download the survey
ecoAmerica conducted a survey to explore positive and negative messaging amongst Americans. Findings show that 68% of participants feel hopeful and motivated when they hear that America is moving towards a clean energy future.
A large majority of Americans are in favor of climate solutions including renewable energy; this survey looks at how local communities can take steps towards addressing climate change.
This survey conducted by ecoAmerica found significant increases in awareness of climate change that overwhelmingly points to human activities as the leading cause.   
Thirteen different tips for being an effective communicator on climate change. WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK Approaching conversations on climate change can be difficult, whether it’s within a peer group or a work environment. This report gives thirteen steps for approaching conversations on climate change in a more effective manner. KEY TAKEAWAYS 1. Start...
A report from ecoAmerica outlines how public opinion trends around climate change in the U.S. have moved from being a niche issue to the mainstream.   WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK: The report highlights how support for action is on the rise across demographics and political affiliations as climate change becomes more visible. KEY...
A report on Americans’ awareness and attitudes on the impacts of climate change and how to take action to prepare.
ecoAmerica uses consumer marketing tools and psychographic research methods to track public opinion on the environment. The summary of their latest survey identifies a number of trends related to how Americans feel about environmental and climate issues.   Some of their key findings include: Political affiliation is a key indicator of opinions. (p. 8) Younger...
A survey of American climate values and motivations with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of advocacy efforts.