Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans

Climate is no longer a special interest of just environmental groups, it’s becoming a personally relevant public interest for all of us. EcoAmerica’s climate messaging project develops and disseminates market-tested messages on climate solutions designed to engage Americans across political and demographic groups.


The report employs qualitative and quantitative research methods to test special words, phrases, and narratives that link climate change to mainstream American values and concerns. This project also looks at narratives about climate tailored to people of faith, higher education, health, communities, and business.
Public opinion trends:
  • Only 40% of Americans attribute climate change to primarily human activities
  • 83% of persuadable Americans on the edge of the climate discussion, believe that climate change is not a hoax
Thematic Messages: By Interest and Affiliation
Created several thematic messages to tap into people’s personal interests and affiliations: Health, Faith, Business, Communities, and Higher Education.
Communities across America are learning that smart investments in sustainable energy like wind and solar provide a healthier environment, attract new business, create jobs, and build stronger communities. Right now, in our own communities, we can reduce pollution, improve our health, and create new jobs that can’t be outsourced, by producing and using clean energy. We can protect our cities by leaving dirty fuels behind.
Our families a healthier future, we can use safe, clean energy, like wind and solar, that helps make every breath we take a healthy one. We can walk or now.” bike more often to improve our fitness while cutting down on pollution. And we can make our cities more sustainable so that we can live our best lives. We can care for our climate to care for our health.
Millennials are not just up-and-coming – when it comes to inventing and adopting what works, we’re already here. We know that getting things done means leaving behind the failed ways of the past and making up new ones.
Smart companies face challenges head on and turn them into opportunities – and changing climate is no exception. Clean energy is a pro table investment worth making, and American businesses know it. Adopting sustainable practices and switching to clean energy saves money and improves the bot- tom line.
Climate is presented as a moral responsibility to God, our children, our neighbors, future generations, the “least of us,” and all of creation. You and I can choose what is good, a better path. Safe and clean energy solutions like wind and solar bring out the best in human being—acting in the image of our Creator to preserve what He bestowed.
Date: 2015
Organization: ecoAmerica
Strategic Approach: Framing, Other
Organization: ecoAmerica
Strategic Approach: Framing, Other

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