Americans Climate Perspectives: Genders Differ on Climate Attitudes, Impacts and Behaviors

Organization: ecoAmerica

EcoAmerica and Lake Research Partners fielded the Annual American Climate Perspectives Survey to explore women and men’s attitudes, behaviors and awareness of climate change.
This guide by ecoAmerica highlights various communities and stakeholders moving towards climate action. Each case study shares insights, recommendations, and metrics that reflect their outcomes.  Download the report
Communities and society are moving beyond discussions about who or what cause climate change and have shifted towards solutions. This guide looks at ways to anticipate climate impacts on sea level rise, weather variability, and urban heat.
ecoAmerica conducted a survey to explore positive and negative messaging amongst Americans. Findings show that 68% of participants feel hopeful and motivated when they hear that America is moving towards a clean energy future.
ecoAmerica conducted a study that explores key factors thought to influence climate attitudes in relation to religious groups moral responsibility to be good stewards of nature.
A large majority of Americans are in favor of climate solutions including renewable energy; this survey looks at how local communities can take steps towards addressing climate change.
This survey conducted by ecoAmerica found significant opposition from Americans to Trump’s decision to opt out of the Paris Climate Agreement.   WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK:   President Trump’s opposition to the global agreement to lower greenhouse gases also led to his executive order to reverse the Obama administration’s climate policies despite the...
This survey conducted by ecoAmerica found significant increases in awareness of climate change that overwhelmingly points to human activities as the leading cause.   
This report looks at the psychological impacts climate change has on mental health and well-being. The report provides health professionals, climate communicators and policymakers with the tools needed to respond to this issue and bolster public engagement.         Download Here
Climate is no longer a special interest of just environmental groups, it’s becoming a personally relevant public interest for all of us. EcoAmerica’s climate messaging project develops and disseminates market-tested messages on climate solutions designed to engage Americans across political and demographic groups.     WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK   The report employs...