Global warming acceptance highest since 2008

Acceptance of global warming among Americans has reached its highest level since 2008. This NSEE survey shows an increased level of acceptance that global temperatures are increasing, due in part to severe drought conditions. 


A poll of public opinion on global warming in September 2015 by National Surveys on Energy and Environment found that for the first time since 2008, 70% of Americans say that there is solid evidence of global warming. 


  • A strong majority of Americans (70%) say there is solid evidence of global warming. Additionally, only 16% of Americans say global warming doesn't exist.
  • The survey found signficant changes among demographic groups, with doubt about the existence of global warming decreasing among Republicans. A majority of Republicans (56%) say there is solid evidence. 
  • 56% of Republicans say there is solid evidence of global warming.
  • Droughts have affected public opinion with a majority saying that they influeced their belief that global warming is occurring, followed by declining glaciers and polar ice, and extreme weather events such as major storms and floods.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user docentjoyce

Date: 2015
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Other
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Other

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