Clean Jobs America: A comprehensive analysis of clean energy jobs in America

Over the past decade the clean energy industry in America has increased significantly. Currently there are more then 2.5 million Americans working in the clean energy and energy transport. Energy efficiency has become one of the largest sectors in all 50 states making one in every three people working in clean energy.


The analysis of U.S. clean energy jobs from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) provides compelling information on the country’s rapidly growing clean energy sector.


The most growth in clean energy jobs includes renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, and advanced vehicles. Thanks to the Clean Power Plan, global carbon-reduction commitments in Paris, and the renewed tax credits for wind and solar, the U.S. clean energy economy is well-positioned for growth

The Sectors

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the largest sector in the clean energy economy with nearly 1.9 million Americans employed in related jobs.

  • Energy Efficiency Jobs:
  • Energy Star appliances manufacturing
  • Energy efficient lighting installation
  • Efficient HVAC equipment
  • Lightweight materials/insulation manufacturing

Renewable Energy

Solar energy jobs make up almost three quarters of all jobs in renewable energy. In 2015 there were 299,953 jobs in solar energy generation. According to The Solar Foundation an annual industry cense revealed that the U.S. solar industry grew by 20 percent in 2015

Renewable Energy Jobs:

  • Solar Energy related jobs
  • Wind Energy related jobs
  • Biofuel creation
  • Low – Impact Hydro

Advanced Vehicles

Advanced vehicle manufacturing is a growing sector in clean energy economy in America. This sector employed nearly 170,000 people in 2015. In 2015 automakers Tesla Motors, Nissan and Chevrolet were manufacturing more electric and hybrid vehicle then in previous years, employing more Americans at their factories.

Advanced Vehicles in America:

  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Natural gas powered vehicles


Date: 2016
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Other
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Other

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