Forecast the Facts: Is your meteorologist blowing hot air?

A new campaign is urging weathercasters to tell the truth about climate change.

2011 was a record year for extreme weather, but the many Americans who get their weather news from local TV may not realize the relationship those events have to climate change. Citizen Engagement Lab, the League of Conservation Voters, and  have launched a campaign to expose the misinformation that is being spread by some of the nation’s television meteorologists. Forecast the Facts aims to shift the way meteorologists report on climate change to ensure that viewers are provided with accurate information and that the meteorologists who fail to do so are held accountable.

The campaign describes how televised weather reports often cover extreme weather without mentioning that climate change is increasing the frequency and magnitude of these types of events. By tracking on-air statements, blog posts, social media, public appearances and interviews, Forecast the Facts is indentifying which TV meteorologists they consider to be climate deniers. The campaign has also directly responded to criticism about their approach with an explanation of their methods. By putting pressure on TV meteorologists, the campaign wants to ensure that the public is getting the correct scientific information about climate change.

Learn more about the campaign.

View survey results from the Center for Climate Change Communication on weathercasters’ attitudes on climate change and the barriers they face when communicating with the public.

Forecast the Facts Animation – Yes from ForecastTheFacts on Vimeo.

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Strategic Approach: Framing
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Framing
Type: Campaign

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