Farming First: The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy

Using compelling stick figure animation to explain the story of agriculture, climate change, and the green economy.

Farming First, an agriculture coalition, has released “The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy” to educate the public and build momentum for the transition to sutainable farming systems. They aim to increase knowledge about the interconnected global challenges of safeguarding the environment, creating sustainable livelihoods, and feeding the world’s growing population.

The video shows the relationship between rural employment and poverty reduction, land and water use, and greenhouse gas emissions and describes the ways we can address these complex issues. Given agriculture’s large environmental impact, Farming First asserts that a shift to sustainable farming practices is one of the best prospects for mitigating carbon emissions and helping vulnerable populations adapt to climate change.

Watch the video and explore the interactive infographic here.

View their online collection of expert video interviews on climate change, agriculture and food security at

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Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign

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