EVOLVE LOVE: Love in a Time of Climate Crisis

A film that explores how the climate movement can reframe the current narrative of environmental degradation into a “moving love story.”

EVOLVE LOVE is a documentary film that proposes that it’s time for us to shift the narrative that has led toward the climate crisis toward one where humans can find empathy with all life and be in harmony with nature. The filmmakers interview climate leaders and individuals who have witnesses the impact of climate change and are discovering hope through new models of cooperation and in the growing “movement of movements” for climate justice. 

The EVOLVE LOVE film illustrates the impact that climate change is having on communities around the world including Canada, Greenland and Africa. The filmmakers ask how society can transform the tragic story of climate change into a love story by exploring the science of love and traveling the globe to find examples of sustainable communities and inspiring campaigns.

EVOLVE LOVE will be in theatres in 2012. Watch the trailer here

EVOLVE LOVE DEMO from Velcrow Ripper on Vimeo.

Images from www.evolvelovelive.com/about/synopsis/



Strategic Approach: Framing
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Framing
Type: Campaign

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