Climate Solutions Story: RePower Bainbridge

“A small group of people can come together and say ‘we can make a difference, we can make a change in a much more impactful way right here through our simple connections to each other.'”- Hilary Franz

On Washington State’s Bainbridge Island, a number of buildings lacked insulation and weren’t up to code. Residents were alerted by Puget Sound Energy that they were consuming 60% more energy than the regional average and exceeding capacity of the electrical substations. As part of the Solutions Stories project, Climate Solutions produced a video about how the community came together to change energy behaviors and ultimately became a model for reducing energy consumption at the local level.

The video features Bainbridge Island city council member Hilary Franz on how the community energy efficiency program, RePower Bainbridge, helped homeowners on the island reduce their electricity use.  Through a partnership with Puget Sound Energy, residents were able to see real-time data on their usage. Action teams coordinated by RePower Bainbridge responded by sending alerts to residents through email and social media. The initiative also facilitated efficiency upgrades (such as installing new insulation) in homes across the island. Through public engagement efforts and community action, residents significantly reduced their energy consumption.

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RePower Bainbridge from Climate Solutions on Vimeo.

Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Engagement
Type: Campaign

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