City as Living Laboratory: ‘Broadway: 1000 Steps’

‘Reflecting’ our impact: A public art installation in NYC aims to shift awareness about climate change and sustainability.

The ‘Broadway: 1000 Steps’ art installation plans to make sustainability local and tangible for NYC residents and visitors. The project consists of a series of hubs along the length of Broadway where individuals can learn more about existing environmental problems and sustainable solutions. The hubs will consist of groupings of mirrors suspended from poles that reflect hidden climate and sustainability issues in the neighborhood. 

The primary message is that “nature is everywhere and in action at all times, that the city is an urban ecosystem, that an innumerable number of small decisions over time have shaped the environment to be the one we inhabit today, and that our decisions (behavioral choices) impact the future of all of nature.”

Learn more about the project here.

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Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign
Strategic Approach: Audiences
Type: Campaign

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