Americans Tilt Toward Protecting Environment

Gallup conducted a survey to explore Americans’ view on protecting the environment versus increasing the production of oil, gas, and coal supplies.


Since the Trump administration’s announcement to roll back environmental regulations affecting the energy industry and lowering emission restrictions, public attitudes have shifted toward favoring environmental protections. The gap has widened in support of the environment in the past four years.



o   71% of Americans’ prefer alternative energy production, 23% support the increase in fossil fuels.

o   34% favor development of alternative energy vs. oil, gas, coal.

o   59% say protecting the environment is more important than the production of traditional energy.

o   The last 2 year have seen the largest gaps in favor of alternative energy over the six-year trend history.  

o   72 % favors spending more government money on solar and wind power.

o   Two-thirds of Americans favor more strongly enforcing federal environmental regulations and setting higher emissions standards for business and energy.

o   Less the half favor opening more federal land for oil exploration.

Date: 2017
Authors: Frank Newport
Organization: Gallup
Strategic Approach: Evaluation
Organization: Gallup
Strategic Approach: Evaluation

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