Public Opinion and Trump’s Decision on the Paris Agreement

Resource Author: Frank Newport

A Gallup survey finds Republicans are less worried about climate change than Democrats or independents and prioritize jobs.
A Gallup survey finds that a majority of Americans do not believe increased production of energy should be prioritized over environmental protection.  
Gallup conducted a survey to explore Americans’ view on protecting the environment versus increasing the production of oil, gas, and coal supplies. WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE A LOOK: Since the Trump administration’s announcement to roll back environmental regulations affecting the energy industry and lowering emission restrictions, public attitudes have shifted toward favoring environmental protections. The gap...
Political affiliation, more than education level is a stronger indicator of belief in the reality of global warming. 
While the IPCC is releasing their most dire reports on climate change yet, many Americans are unconcerned about the potential impacts, placing climate change at the bottom of a list of eight environmental issues. 
A Gallup poll finds that Republicans and Independents are more likely to say that warmer temperatures this winter were due to normal variations, while Democrats say global warming was to blame.