Americans’ Actions to Limit Global Warming in September 2012

The fifth report from George Mason and Yale's national survey on Americans’ efforts to reduce global warming, including consumer, energy, citizen, and communication behaviors.

In a new survey report, half of Americans say that in the next year they intend to reward (or punish) companies for their action (or inaction) to reduce global warming, but are still unsure as to whether their individual behaviors will make a difference.
32% of Americans have given business to a company as a reward for their steps to reduce global warming in the last year.
24% of Americans say that they have punished companies for opposing steps to reduce global warming in the last year.
More Americans are walking, biking, using public transportation or carpooling.
57% of Americans have replaced most or all of their light bulbs with compact fluorescents.
Americans are less confident that their individual actions to save energy will reduce their global warming.
12% of Americans have contacted a government official about global warming by letter, email, or phone.
15% of Americans have volunteered or donated money to an organization working to reduce global warming.
Many Americans say they have friends who have different views than their own about global warming.
Relatively few Americans say they feel uncomfortable discussing global warming with those who disagree with them.

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