Faith, Morality and the Environment: Portraits of Global Warming’s Six Americas

Organization: Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

After Pope Francis’ most recent visit to America, public discourse on global warming surrounding moral and spiritual issue has sparked conversations about social justice and God’s will.
A survey of registered voters in the U.S. on their views on global warming and how political differences impact their views.
Half of Americans think that global warming is mostly human caused. This study examines the natural changes in the environments and the American view of climate change.
A recent surge of interest in the environment has increased public engagement amongst Catholics and Christians. Six months after Pope Francis’ letter to the Catholic Church and his subsequent visit to America, a global conversation has been sparked about environmental awareness. He made a moral call to action for people and the nations to consider...
Researchers at George Mason, Ohio State University and Yale conducted two experiments to investigate how best to communicate the scientific consensus on climate change. Their results show that presenting the percentage of scientists that agree on climate change is more effective than a qualitative approach, as is asking people for their own percentage estimate of...
This report will give climate change communicators a sense of how few Americans have given due consideration to the connections between global warming and health. 
This report demonstrates that among even the most alarmed citizens, the connections between climate change and health have yet to be fully fleshed out. This is a useful tool for climate communicators who wish to know their audience better as they communicate health impacts of climate change.
The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication have updated their work on the state of the public consensus around climate change in the US for 2015.
A blog post from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication on the opinions of American Catholics towards global climate action.