A new site for a new era

A new site for a new era

Making climate change more urgent and actionable to people of all political stripes has never been more important. In the face of unyielding efforts to reverse progress, communication and engagement strategies need to cut through the noise and connect with more than the converted. The good news is there are many approaches, emergent and evidence-based, to draw from.

Compelling cultural narratives centered around diverse values can bring climate change to life and show (not just tell) the benefits of taking action. Innovative approaches to building political and public support for policy change are meeting people where they’re at and offering new opportunities for public engagement. A greater focus on partnering with local stakeholders can enable communities to co-explore risks and develop solutions that reflect their concerns and aspirations.

These are just some of the strategies featured on the newly enhanced Climate Access website. Our updated design now makes it easier to find communication and engagement resources, as well as connect with other climate leaders to share best practices and ideas. For the more than 3,000 nonprofit, government and academic leaders who turn to the Climate Access network for guidance, the site features enhanced members-only content such as detailed case studies of successful campaigns, online and in-person capacity building sessions, and problem-solving seminars.

Climate Access’ new website also showcases our work in the field. Like recent projects that pilot new ways of using visualizations and virtual reality to make climate impacts and responses more compelling, gauge public opinion, and spark dialogue between community members and decision makers. Stayed tuned for updates on the latest project in San Francisco, where a Look Ahead app is delivering sea-level rise visualizations that build public involvement in climate impacts planning.

Looking to take our resources to the next level? Climate Access also develops tailored communication strategies and training programs that help catalyze support for low-carbon, resilient solutions. Whether you’re working to shift climate policies or implement low-carbon programs in your community, we have the tools to help you succeed. Keep an eye out for fresh offerings in the coming months, including a collection of advice on communicating climate solutions. Our website will highlight best practices that emerge from these projects and provide more information about the strategic services we offer.

Whether you’re a new visitor, a Climate Access member or a client, our new site has the tools you need to shift the climate conversation and engage stakeholders in creating solutions. Thanks for checking it out!