Hire Climate Access to help your team develop tailored communications or public engagement strategies.

We develop tailored communications and public engagement strategies that create momentum and build support for equitable and inclusive climate solutions. We help clients re-think assumptions about how to mobilize the public and develop custom framing and engagement approaches that have the potential to catalyze support and action with the eco-minded and beyond. We offer a range of strategic communications services including:

  • Research and analysis that seeks to understand an issue from all sides. This involves reviewing polls and social science to determine key trends and barriers, performing media audits that expose how debates have shifted over time, and conducting original qualitative research that draws insights from focus groups and thought leader interviews.
  • Communications and campaign strategies that challenge traditional approaches to green communications. We help identify and segment key audiences, frame messages around their concerns and beliefs, and identify new opportunities for increasing levels of engagement. We help clients find the sweet spot where outreach goals dovetail with their audiences' own desires and motivations.
  • Training and support that builds the capacity of our clients to apply our guidance to their work. Using online platforms, tailored materials, collective problem solving techniques and in-person sessions, we help organizations secure internal buy-in for their outreach plan and make sure they’ve got the skills to execute it.

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California Ocean Science Trust

Climate Access working with California's Ocean Protection Council to gather input for the state's sea level rise science and policy guidance update. Climate adaptation is a priority for the state and we're talking to local planners, consultants, state agencies and other stakeholders to help the next round of guidance best serve California’s coastal communities.

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UN Environment

Climate Access co-authored a report for UN Environment outlining eight operating principles to guide the design, adaptation, and evaluation of sustainable lifestyle campaigns and initiatives. The publication, Fostering and Communicating Sustainable Lifestyles: Principles and Emerging Practices (2016), highlights 16 case studies and recommendations for applying key learnings to support the design and implementation of effective communications campaigns.

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Climate Ready Boston

At the end of 2016, Climate Access worked with the City of Boston to design an ambassadors program that provides individuals with the tools and training needed to amplify the need to prepare for the impacts of climate change, and engage Bostonians in creating more a vibrant and resilient community. Drawing from best practices in climate communication and peer based outreach campaigns, Climate Access developed a strategy to guide the creation of the ambassador program, a common messaging framework, outreach tools and a training session for ambassadors from a range of sectors.

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Climate Advocacy Lab

Since 2015, Climate Access has supported the launch and growth of the Climate Advocacy Lab as it established itself as a key resource to climate advocacy organizations in the United States. Climate Access’ primary role has been to distill social science research into evidence-based advocacy campaign design recommendations and share climate advocacy campaign best practices with the larger field of climate practitioners.

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