World Food Day & Oxfam: GROWing awareness about food and climate
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A national and international campaign hosted by Oxfam is bringing people to the dinner table to not just talk about food, but also how climate change is changing the way we, and the rest of the world, are eating.

Teaming up with a cornucopia of partners across the US and around the globe, Oxfam and World Food Day aim to spread the word about what we’re eating – how it gets from the field to the table, and how the changing climate is making that a more complicated process. The goal of World Food Day (October 16, 2012) is simple: getting families to take some time to sit around the dinner table and talk about the food they eat, looking at the various aspects that go into putting it on their plates. There are various resources available on the website, from a discussion guide to start off the conversation to free materials, which include placemats, banners, and fact sheets. There are even recipes from acclaimed chefs to help make World Food Day delicious as well as informative. There is also a separate website for the US and Canada World Food Day with similar information.
World Food day is part of a larger campaign by Oxfam known as GROW, which further highlights the impacts of climate change and extreme weather and its effects on global food availability. The GROW website provides articles, press releases, and research reports detailing the challenges being faced all over the planet due to the effects of climate change on crops and food pricing. For those who want to become more involved there is an eCommunity they can join, as well as a place to sign up to fundraise, register, or organize events. 

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