Talking About the Weather and How to Manage the Risks of Climate Change

In conjunction with the IPCC’s release of its report on managing the risks of extreme weather, Climate Access presents exclusive interviews with two experts on the importance of the findings and how climate communicators should incorporate them into their work.

Released on Nov. 18, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation is significant. It not only talks about how science is linking certain types of extreme weather events to climate change, but it offers recommendations on what communities can be doing now to prepare for these impacts, including the risks of not taking action.

Cat Lazaroff is the associate director of Resource Media, which has been helping publicize the report to the U.S. media. Climate Access founder Cara Pike spoke with her about what the report—which looks at why certain areas are more at risk to climate change and how those risks can be reduced—means for policymakers and climate communicators alike. (Listen to the interview here.) Please also see Climate Access' collection of Extreme Weather Messaging Resources.

Cara also interviewed Hunter Cutting, director of strategic communications at Climate Nexus, about what the report means for how climate communicators should talk—and not talk—about extreme weather. (Listen to the interview here.) Please also see Climate Nexus’ talking points and communications guide on the subject.

Both interviews are available only to Climate Access members.

Photo used under Creative Commons from ralph and jenny.

Strategic Approach: Framing
Type: Interview
Strategic Approach: Framing
Type: Interview

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