Sierra Club National Survey on Coal, Climate and Carbon Pollution

New national polling from the Sierra Club finds that even in the Midwest, voters strongly support renewable energy investment and fossil fuel pollution limits. 

The momentum towards a post-carbon economy seems to be growing every day, from Quit Coal campaigns to shiny new Tesla cars and the growth of renewable energy infrastructure. The Sierra Club polled 1000 registered voters across the United States and found the support for renewable energy and carbon pollution limits even stronger than they expected.

The sample of voters was split evenly by gender (53% female, 47% male) and political belief (24% Liberal, 38% Moderate, 33% Conservative).

Most of the respondents were well educated (33% college graduate, 23% some college) and split between Millennials (17%) Boomers (19%) and Seniors (22%).

61% of voters believe the US should be investing more in renewables than fossil fuels.

58% of voters favored moving entirely away from fossil fuels and coal by 2030.

66% of voters think climate change is a serious problem and 50% of voters want the government to do more to address climate disruption.

Only 28% of voters know there are currently no carbon pollution limits in place for power plants.

70% of voters support the EPA setting limits on carbon pollution from power plants, with overwhelming support amongst African American and Hispanic voters.

69% of voters believe carbon pollution limits on power plants will have a positive impact on public health.


Photo via (cc) Ryan Wick, flickr

Date: 2014
Organization: Sierra Club
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Other
Organization: Sierra Club
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Other

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