Revenge of the Beaver: Building Power in the Age of the Canadian Culture War

A strategy for Canadian environmentalists and social change leaders on how to combat the growing "culture war" through in-person relationship building.

The paper's author, Matt Price outlines five criteria of "breakthrough" campaigns, which are useful recommendations for communicators outside of Canada as well:

1. F2F: Build trust and common cause through face-to-face interactions.
2. Values First: Tap into emotions and values.
3. Beautiful Back End: Take time to build your engagement ladder.
4. Moment-Um: Answer the question "why now?" and tell the story.
5. Turtle not Hare: Have patience and capacity to move forward with consistency.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user Christopher Policarpio


Date: 2012
Authors: Matt Price
Strategic Approach: Engagement, Other
Author: Matt Price
Strategic Approach: Engagement, Other

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