A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump De-Regulatory Agenda

The Trump administration has put a strain on efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The organization, Save EPA, works with congress and the public to ensure new standards are in place to counter attempts to roll back federal protections.


The tools and talking points discussed support individuals and groups that want to speak out in defense against regulatory rollback.


Participate in rulemakings to roll back or delay protections:

  • Comment on the proposed rule change
  • Testify at public hearings if there are any close to you
  • Request meetings or phone calls with agency staff, managers and/or White House officials

Engage outside of the rulemaking process:

  • Enlist your members of congress
  • Use social and mainstream media campaigns
  • Participate in mass letter-writing campaigns
  • Stage or participate in demonstrations or other group actions

Join in the public conversation about regulations and the protections they provide

  • If you hear something that is untrue, write back or say something
  • Remain clear and civil in your communication
  • Provide good information and fair analysis, not alternative facts
Date: 2017
Authors: Save EPA
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Engagement
Author: Save EPA
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Engagement

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