NextGen Climate/Project New America Battleground Millennial Survey

NextGen Climate/Project New America Battleground Millennial

This survey by NextGen Climate is the first poll exclusively conducted amongst millennials in battleground states to determine their views on policy issues, such as the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency in the next presidential election.

The interviews conducted online include a diverse group of millennials between the ages of 18 to 34, selectively chosen from U.S. states critical for the presidential election.


  • 70% of millennials care deeply about issues related to energy and climate 
  • 66% of millennials would “never” vote for a candidate with a stance to eliminate the EPA
  • 58% of millennials are more likely to Vote for Hillary Clinton if she plans to prioritize the transition to clean energy in order to protect our air, water, and climate
  • An overwhelming majority of millennial voters disdain Donald Trump
  • The finding showed that Donald Trump’s standing is deeply negative particularly among African American and Hispanic millennials
  • Millennials believe that Trump’s views are racist and disrespect women
  • Some millennials plan on sitting the election out; roughly one-fifth are “Sanders Holdouts” – people who would vote for Sanders if they could, but don’t plan on voting for Clinton


Date: 2016
Strategic Approach: Engagement
Strategic Approach: Engagement

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