Never Too Old to Care: Reaching an Untapped Cohort of Climate Action Champions

Here-Now-Us, launched a collective project aimed to facilitate greater involvement of local populations including older generations that often expressed no interest in learning about climate change and sea level rise. The projects goal was to test the use of a unique OWL visualization technique to increase senior engagement in local planning efforts.


The project team used a 360 – degree rotating audio-visual platform that enabled users to view visuals, respond to survey questions, and leave audio comments. The OWLs used realistic 3D visualizations placed in varied landscapes in which climate change impacts are expected to occur in the future. This project was successful in producing engaged citizens across different age groups and generations.



Key Findings:

  • OWL-based 3D visualizations raised concern about flood risks.
  • The visualizations proved effective with populations that initially showed no to little concern about current flooding risk.
  • Participants that expressed high levels of concern about current flooding risks and future sea-level rise expressed a desire to engage in the more intensive forms of engagement, such as attending a meeting or taking an active role in their communities
  • Per the survey of OWL users more than 90% of participants in each group except the oldest generation were interested in learning more about at least one of the options given
  • The OWLs proved highly effective in raising concern and motivating people to become further engaged.




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