Mountain West Voters Outline Priorities for Trump Administration on Public Lands in New Survey

The Colorado College State of the Rockies Project Conservation in the West Poll released its seventh annual report on Mountain West voters and their views on the potential actions of the Trump Administration.


This poll interviewed 400 registered voters in seven states: Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada; reflecting the true geographic distribution of voters throughout the region. Participants examine the most pressing issues involving public lands, including improving access to outdoor recreation, renewable energy, and wildlife conservation as the new Trump administration begins its time in office. 


– 68% of voters said the Trump Administration should emphasize protecting water, air and wildlife while providing opportunities to visit and recreate on national public lands. Whereas, 22% want to produce more domestic energy by increasing the amount of national public lands available for responsible oil and gas drilling and mining

–  94% of voters support improving and repairing infrastructure in national parks and outdoor destinations.

– 67% of voters support streamlining the permitting process for hunting, rafting and other recreation activities on public lands.

–  34% of voters support allowing oil and gas companies to purchase the right to drill in new areas of national public lands.

– Voters in six of the seven states surveyed pointed to solar, wind and renewable energy as their top choice when asked about the types of business and jobs they would like to encourage more of.

See link to: Mountain West survey presentation slides

Date: 2017
Strategic Approach: Framing
Strategic Approach: Framing

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