Marylanders heart renewable energy

Six years after Maryland implemented ambitious targets for reducing energy use, George Mason University surveyed residents on their opinions towards renewable energy and got a big thumbs up for renewable power.


Because when it comes to renewable energy, seeing is believing. The report and accompanying infographic show that when people can see the success of renewable energy in their local area and state, they love it, want more of it and are willing to pay more for it in some cases.


Marylanders not only love having renewable electricity, they want the state to use more – supporting further development of solar and wind power.

As support for renewable energy reaches large majorities (78% support for more solar, 69% for more wind) the support for coal is disappearing, with 50% wanting the state to use less coal.

A majority of state residents (54%) would be willing to pay more for renewable energy each month.

There is strong support for Maryland’s renewable energy policy of 20% of the state’s electricity coming from renewables by 2022, with 65% supporting an increase in the mandate to 40% by 2025.

Energy efficiency rebates are hugely successful, while energy audits are less popular in the state, with the cost of energy efficiency retrofits being a barrier to undertaking the audit.

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