Leaping to It: Encouraging climate solutions now for a better tomorrow
Campaign Example
Strategic Approach: Engagement

A family-oriented campaign is encouraging the public to step up to the challenge of climate change by making personal behavior changes and supporting clean energy in order to leave the world a better place for future generations.

Created through a collaboration between New Energy Economy and Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions, Leaping to It provides a family-oriented approach to tackling climate change. The website showcases links to various partner websites and organizations, which provide tips for lowering one's carbon footprint, speaking out against fossil fuel subsidies, and adding momentum to other initiatives that aim to increase alternative energy use and curb dependence on non-renewable resources. Residents of New Mexico are encouraged to visit a separate site, which has additional links for New Mexico-specific causes.

The site follows a simple concept: each step that visitors take when they visit the site and click on action items helps to lower the temperature on the site’s global warming thermometer. Leaping to It and its mission are all packaged in a whimsical web design that is geared toward helping families do their part to put an end to climate disruption.

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