League of Conservation Voters: Defeat the Flat Earth Five
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Strategic Approach: Engagement

This election season, the League of Conservation Voters is making climate change a priority for voters by launching a program aimed at defeating the “Flat Earth Five” – a group of five House of Representative members who are denying the existence of climate change.

Started at the end of July, the "Flat Earth Five" campaign is an effort by the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) to remove five climate-denying incumbents from the House of Representatives during the coming election. By voting these climate deniers out of office, LCV hopes that Congress will be able to renew efforts to address climate change without facing opposition from members who deny it even exists. A short video on the main page of the website introduces the politicians of the “Flat Earth Five” to voters, providing names and their voting districts. The site also contains links to a press release, which gives further details about the campaign, and to a clip of a previous segment of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews featuring LCV's Senior Vice President for Campaigns, who discusses the goals of the “Flat Earth Five” campaign.
In order to prevent the reelection of the members of the “Flat Earth Five”, LCV is using their resources to target the five voting districts through television advertising, direct mail, and an extensive phone program to let voters know that these members of Congress are not on the same page as their districts when it comes to a consensus about climate change. The plan also includes mobilizations of LCV members and a strong media presence in the specific districts. These efforts are aimed to make voters think twice before casting their votes for Congress this November and bring climate change back onto the agenda of Capitol Hill.


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