How to talk so farmers and landowners listen

A guide from the UK’s CCgroup aims to overcome the communications gap between the renewable energy industry and farmers and landowners, which serves as a barrier to the potential benefits of renewable energy for rural businesses.


While the research is based on the needs of British farmers and landowners to make investing in renewable energy simpler and more appealing, the report includes practical communications guidance that can be applied to similar audiences in other locations, including, messaging (what to say), content (how to say it) and delivery (where to say it).


There is a growing need for better, more targeted communications with farmers and landowners.

Farmers and landowners want to see evidence of the financial viability of renewables, advice on how to capitalize on this opportunity, and examples of the investment in practice.

The farmers and landowners that were surveyed fell into three groups with different messaging, content and information delivery needs:

1. Converts (47%): Already invested in renewables and driven to invest for financial and environmental reasons.

Messaging: Be rational and emotional, be challenging
Content: Define yourself as an expert, be clear and simple
Delivery: Partner up, be targeted and sustained

2. Believers (39%): Considering investing and need more information on the benefits of different technologies.

Messaging: Be challenging, rational and educate
Content: Reinforce with proof, show your expertise, appear regularly, be visual
Delivery: Partner up, be targeted and sustained

3. Latecomers (14%): Haven’t considered investing and doubt the efficiency of renewables.

Messaging: Be challenging and inspiring, be rational and emotional, broad re-education
Content: Be clear and simple, define yourself as an expert, reinforce with proof
Delivery: Partner up, be targeted and sustained, integrate channels





Date: 2013
Organization: CCgroup
Strategic Approach: Engagement, Framing, Other
Organization: CCgroup
Strategic Approach: Engagement, Framing, Other

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