Greenpeace's PolluterWatch: Vote 4 Energy
Campaign Example
Strategic Approach: Audiences


A mock website and commercial expose the oil industry's "astroturf" campaign.

In response to the American Petroleum Institute's Vote 4 Energy campaign, Greenpeace's PolluterWatch launched its own version of the website mocking the industry's portrayal of "real Americans" as supportive of Big Oil's agenda. The Greenpeace site features a mock commercial to expose how the American Petroleum Institute's fake grassroots political campaign spreads misinformation and falsifies citizen support for fossil fuel-based energy.

The mock campaign ad challenges the American Petroleum Institute's assertion that citizens back tax cuts and subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. The commercial depicts "oil executives" promoting water pollution, high gas prices, temporary jobs, and profits in juxtaposition with "real people" refusing to spread the misinformation. By calling attention to the American Petroleum Institute's campaign tactics, Greenpeace wants the public to "vote 4 yourself, not oil executives." 

Image is a screenshot from the video.

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