GPG Survey of Trump Voters, December 2016

Morning Consulting conducted a survey from the Glover Park Group poll of Trump voters to gain insight into their opinions towards specific policies and issues.

Survey Here

Key Finding

  • In consideration for the new budget 46% of Trump voters (‘Voters’) want to maintain the current level of spending.
  • 61% of Voters support a proposal requiring U.S. companies to reduce Carbon emissions.
  • Voters show strong support for requiring manufacturers to make appliances more energy efficient.
  • 55% of Voters support upholding current climate change policies.
  • 30% of Voters want to roll back the current policies in place to combat climate change and refrain from implementing any new policies.
  • This majority of Voters want the same amount or more regulations on drinking water.
  •  15% of Voters want fewer regulations on air pollution.
  • 54% of Voters want to allow increased exploration for fossil fuels on public lands. 


Date: 2016
Organization: GloverParkGroup
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Evaluation
Organization: GloverParkGroup
Strategic Approach: Audiences, Evaluation

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