Federal Agency Climate Change Adaptation Plans: Summary of Research and Information Needs

The report is a summary of the US federal government adaptation plans that were submitted for 2013 to the USGCRP Adaptation Science Interagency Working Group.



Climate change poses a wide range of challenges and opportunities for federal government operations, programs, services, and assets. If you need to know what’s happening on adaptation in a federal agency, it will be here.


"Climate change adaptation is a critical step towards ensuring the resilience of the Nation’s built infrastructure, natural resources, and human populations."

Successful climate change adaptation planning is specific to geographic location and requires a multidisciplinary approach because the problems faced are multifaceted.

Many agencies identified a need for more scientific information, however in many cases the agencies didn’t know the information was available, or it was not available in an easily accessible format.

The report identified eight common themes where more information was needed across the plans.

  • Built infrastructure

Agencies wanted a better idea of best practices and procedures for infrastructure planning.

  • Communication and training

Agencies felt there was a need for more effective communication, training and educational tools for climate risk and adaptation management.

  • Human health

Agencies needed improved abilities to quantify and reduce the impacts of climate change on the health of agency employees and external partners.

  • Natural resources

Agencies wanted expanded scientific information to inform their decisions on natural resources.

  • Disaster Response

Agencies needed expanded capacity for anticipating and responding to the damage caused by natural disasters.

  • Regional climate information and modelling

Agencies needed greater capacity to provide regional climate modelling and information that was specific to their area.

  • Observations and modelling

Agencies needed expanded observation and monitoring capabilities.

  • Decision support tools and resources

Agencies felt there was a need for the creation of adaptation tools and useful resources that were easily accessible to them. 

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Date: 2013
Organization: USGCRP
Strategic Approach: Other
Organization: USGCRP
Strategic Approach: Other

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