Do the Math: Join the Climate Change Movement
Campaign Example
Strategic Approach: Engagement

Starting this November, Bill McKibben and are taking the climate change movement on the road, not just to get everyone to take the next step in putting an end to the climate crisis, but to change the math that makes the consequences of climate change so terrifying.

Do the Math isn’t just any talk about climate change – it’s an interactive experience. Featuring Bill McKibben, environmentalist and author of a landmark article in Rolling Stone regarding the math behind the climate crisis, the tour not only carries a message, but a movement. Everyone who attends one of the Do the Math tour’s several stops is asked to join a growing movement that will be heard over the loud voices of fossil fuel industry – a campaign unprecedented in both size and determination to cut both the financial and political support currently enjoyed by fossil fuel companies. Joined by a rotating cast of dedicated artists, actors, and musicians all committed to spreading the message, each event will be an evening full of music, guests – both in person and via video – and of unity around a common goal. Anticipated guests will include people such as Naomi Klein, Desmond Tutu, and Josh Fox.
For people who want to get involved with Do the Math or, the event site has several helpful links for donations, event posters, and an email list. And if the tour doesn't include a certain city, people can bring the event to their area. There’s even a link specifically designed for college student want to bring the event to campus or just get involved with the movement in general. Answers to any questions about the math, proceeds, or other event information are also available. If not, contacting them is a great way of finding out more. 

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