The Climate Reality Project: 24 Hours of Reality
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On November 14, The Climate Reality Project is launching a 24-hour live broadcast event around the world to stand up to the reality of the climate crisis and "dirty weather."

To help reveal the complete truth about the climate crisis, The Climate Reality Project is hosting 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report. This is the second year this annual online event is being held, with all 24 hours being broadcast live over the Internet. The goal of 24 Hours of Reality is to show the connection between global climate change and the extreme weather being experienced in people’s everyday lives. The broadcast will alternate between Climate Reality’s home studio in New York City and each region of the world, bringing a wealth of voices, news, and multimedia content to people in all 24 time zones. This includes videos, music, personal accounts, and stories from communities who have begun implementing solutions to create change. Ultimately, 24 Hours of Reality will generate a new energy and fresh sense of urgency around the climate crisis by letting the world know that we must, and can, work together to stop climate change.
While on The Climate Reality Project website, people can sign up to receive updates about the event as well as other news from Al Gore and members of the Climate Reality Project. In addition to the written information on the site about 24 Hours of Reality, there is also a video featuring Al Gore, who announces the event. 24 Hours of Reality is also on Facebook, where people can RSVP and find out additional details about the upcoming live broadcast. Overall, this event aims to convey the message of how climate change and extreme weather has affected the lives of people everywhere. 

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