Climate Interactive: World Climate Week
Campaign Example
Strategic Approach: Engagement

Climate simulations aren’t just charts and numbers, they can be opportunities to bring people together and spark conversations about taking action. Climate Interactive is organizing World Climate Week, October 9-16, 2016, to encourage deep learning about climate impacts and solutions.

The World Climate Simulation is a tool for building an understanding of the dynamics that emerge during climate negotiations and motivating support for action. The simulation brings groups together (middle school to graduate students, community and religious groups, scientists, etc.) typically in a classroom setting, to participate in an interactive negotiation process. Participants are divided into negotiating parties and work together in a mock UN negotiations scenario toward a global agreement. Proposed policies are entered into a simulation model that provides feedback on the likely consequences of those actions.

“During the event participants must face the climate science, engage in the drama and tensions of global politics, test their ambitions against a climate-modeling tool used by actual climate negotiators, and then reflect on how the experience challenges their assumptions about climate action.”

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