Climate Action Through Equity

The City of Portland has created a Climate Action Plan to prioritize the needs of communities of colour and low-income populations by looking outlining various approaches with an “equity” lens.


The City of Portland has been a leader in addressing climate change although communities of color and low-income populations in Portland have been under-served by programs and under-represented in decision making policies on climate change. Lack of safe transportation options, inefficient housing and the inability to afford healthy food are examples of disparities experienced by these communities that result in fewer benefits from climate action opportunities.


The Climate Action Plan equity project goals include:


Alignment with Community – Identify and seek resources to support community-based initiatives, that align with climate change preparation priorities, carbon emission reduction efforts and low-carbon lifestyles.


Affordable Housing Access to Transit – Use regulatory and voluntary tools to promote affordable and accessible housing development alone transit routes.


Community Solar – Support the development of community solar projects that benefit all residents in low-income populations.


Car Sharing – Partner with car sharing companies. Consider programs to expand use of car sharing among low-income households.


Career Development –  Development opportunities for low-income populations, communities of color and youth, in the fields of energy, green building, transportation.


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