Why Do Wind Energy Projects Fail?

Skill Level: 201

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick believes successful implementation of renewable energy projects does matter if we are to solve climate change.
Hear from a panel of experts who provide practical tips and real-world examples for engaging in peer-based dialogues to find common ground, address common misconceptions, and craft persuasive messages that encourage involvement in solutions. Get the strategies you need to feel better equipped to foster constructive dialogues with friends and family this holiday season.  FEATURING: Karin Kirk...
This comprehensive report on Canadian public opinion viewed the results of 60 publicly-available surveys from 2021 through early 2022 and cross-checked consistency with subscriber-only research. The goal was to dig beneath topline numbers, stress-test result sand identify attitudes that advance or block public demand for climate action. This year’s report highlights findings on efficacy and extreme...
Comprehensive report that summarizes and translates more than 40 Canadian surveys published between 2019 and early 2021 and includes key trends and takeaways for climate communicators. (Login required to access the report)
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