Roundtable Recording: Communicating the Connections between the Ukraine War, Fossil Fuels and Climate Change
Published 2022
Roundtable Recording
Strategic Approach: Framing, Engagement

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the energy conversation has turned to gas prices and calls for increased oil and gas production outside of Russia.  Listen to a roundtable conversation with an international panel of experts on "Communicating the Connections between the Ukraine War, Fossil Fuels and Climate Change." Gain insights on how to continue to mobilize support for clean energy and climate solutions while being sensitive to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

CARA PIKE - Executive Director, Climate Access
ASHWINI PRABHA - Communications Manager, Global Gas and Oil Network
SVITLANA ROMANKO - Zero Fossil Fuels Campaign Manager, Laudato Si' Movement
JANET MILONGO - Coordinator On Renewables - Global Platform Of Action On Renewable Energy, Climate Action Network International 
JAMIE HENN - Founder and Director, Fossil Free Media
MIRIAM MALEK - Oil & Gas Lead, Global Strategic Communications Council
SARAH LAZAROVIC - Head of Communications and Brand, Rewiring America

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