Tip Sheet: American Attitudes Toward Gas

Resource Type: Tip Sheet

Climate Access gathered polling research fielded in 2022-2023 to learn more about public attitudes on gas as an energy source, common concerns, and levels of support for different policy solutions.
The majority of Canadians are increasingly concerned about climate change and are willing to engage in a conversation about the transition away from fossil fuels.  At the same time, the public is still not clear about the major causes of climate change, the threats or the path forward. Demand for climate action is high, but...
Climate Access, the Union of Concerned Scientists and Climate Nexus developed the following guidance to help climate leaders communicate about the NCA4.
A summary of emerging trends on right-leaning Americans’ opinions around climate-friendly policies and insights into how to more effectively position clean energy and other solutions. 
The tip sheet looks at what research tells us about the effectiveness of hope and threat-based climate messages, and offers strategies for using these frames to motivate action.
A 9-point checklist on how to engage audiences and local stakeholders around the 100% clean energy transition.
Key trends and considerations from recent research into how the public perceives clean energy and other climate-friendly policies.   
A summary community-based participatory research approaches and polling into how communities of color are engaging around climate change and the barriers to further action.
A research-based tip sheet offers five considerations for how to engage those in coal country around the energy transition.
A sample presentation deck developed by Climate Access, the Union of Concerned Scientists and Climate Nexus to help climate leaders communicate about the NCA with key messages and supporting data points.